The Parreira family began farming on the west side of California's San Joaquin valley in the late 1920's.  They planted their first almonds in the 1950's - three generations later the family continues to grow almonds. Louis and his sons began hulling and shelling in 1973.


Ryan Parreira Almond Company, now RPAC, was formed in 1986 by David Parreira, Ned Ryan, and Paul Parreira.  

Through this partnership, the Parreiras entered the handling/processing side of the almond industry.  Ned Ryan was the managing partner from 1986 until he retired in 2005.  Ned is considered by many as the unofficial ambassador for almonds around the world.  

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Dennis Soares

Dennis joined RPAC in 2003 and would soon take Ned's spot as the managing partner.  Dennis came with 25 years of experience in financing, procuring, and processing cotton crops in California. Dennis's family planted their first almond orchard in 1999.  



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