NASS Almond Acreage Report

NASS released the almond acreage report showing:

890,000 bearing acres estimated for the 2015 crop.

1,020,000 total acres for 2014, with 870,000 bearing and 150,000 non-bearing.

The survey found over 30,000 acres removed over the past twelve months.  These were removed at times of record high prices, which is a real a sign of the water situation in California.  The 2014 and 2013 reports showed removals of 10,000 acres per year.  

It takes several years for NASS to locate acreage, as is demonstrated with higher numbers of plantings shown for 2010, 2011, etc., and this is also the reason plantings for the past couple years may seem on the low side.  

There are significant acreage removals by growers that are facing the greatest water challenges, while some growers that have the water, continue to plant.  The most highly planted varieties in order were Nonpareil, Monterey, Independence, Wood Colony, and Aldrich.  

Posted here is the NASS Acreage Report