NASS' 2015 Subjective Estimate

NASS released their subjective figure, estimating California's 2015 almond crop at 1.85 billion lbs.

An estimated 2,080 lbs. per acre on 890,000 bearing acres.

This is a very similar to the 2014 crop of 1.87 billion and is 100 million lbs. below the 2014 subjective estimate of 1.95.  

This is based on a survey of 328 growers representing 29% of acreage.  

Today's estimate is in-line with industry expectations.

Next week we'll see the April position report on May 12.  April shipments are expected to be strong.

The NASS Objective estimate is scheduled for July 1. 

Posted here is NASS' Detailed Presentation & Actual Report

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