RPAC's state-of-the-art processing line for brown-skin almonds was updated in 2015.

A key focus of the upgrade was on gentle handling, with reduced impacts at all transition points, to reduce chipping and maintain the high incoming quality.  The conveyance is designed for easy cleaning for increased sanitation.  Magnets followed by metal detection also contribute to greater food safety.   

The line includes multiple types of color sorting from Satake, including the first installation of their newest technology: I/R (infrared).  

The larger stainless steel sizer provides more accurate sizing and increased through-put.  

Operations made a leap forward in technology with customized software for the processing line and new QC lab, providing accurate real-time results.  

Continuing with the gentle handling theme, we installed a new box fill and sealer, along with a robotic palletizer.  Large fans were added for workplace comfort.  

Please come visit to watch our new line run.  Best regards from everyone at RPAC.


Posted September 18, 2015