The story begins when the Parreira Family answered that call about a century ago. Started by our grandparents, Jack and Emily Lopes in 1921, today’s farming operations are managed and cared for by the next generations. And although the vocation is the same, the way we farm has changed significantly.

Located in Los Banos, California, the heart of the Central Valley, our operations are focused on almonds; both in production, processing and marketing.

The next chapter began in 1973, when second generation Parreira patriarch, Louis and Barbara, along with their sons – third generation farmers, David and Paul, founded Parreira Almond Processing Company. As an extension to ongoing farming operations, Parreira Almond Processing Company or PAPC is a Hulling and Shelling operation and is one of oldest huller/sheller operations in California. PAPC serves growers throughout the Central Valley region.

In 1986, we saw a need to expand our operations to include processing and marketing. Ned Ryan, known as the Global Almond Ambassador, joined David and Paul to form Ryan Parreira Almond Company, or RPAC as it is known around the world.

This partnership expansion completed the process taking the farming operations from the field to PAPC for hulling and shelling to RPAC for processing and marketing. Ned retired in 2005, and Dennis Soares joined the partnership. Paul Ewing became a partner in 2014.

Our operations have grown and as a result we have aligned our business with those that share our common core values; integrity, quality, innovation, safety and sustainability. These strategic alliances were built over decades and, collectively, we have become friends as well as family.

Technology, marketing, certification, partnerships and investments have changed how we do business…What hasn’t changed is WHY we do business.