As farmers, we are Mother Nature’s caretakers and protectors and we take that responsibility seriously so our orchards, as well of those of our growers, are farmed in a sustainable manner.

Our Almond trees are individually cultivated in the nursery and then are carefully planted in the fields. It takes three years for trees begin producing. During that time, we carefully monitor for adequate irrigation, fertility, check for disease and mitigate any predators.

We work with Mother Nature to produce high-quality almonds, once the trees mature. The “bloom” is where the growing season starts. Each bloom must be pollinated to produce an almond. We work with experienced beekeepers that deliver active and healthy honeybees. Bees play a critical role in farm production and we have worked closely with the best beekeepers, year after year, to not only maximize pollination, but to help preserve and grow the honeybee population.

Once pollinated, the blooms become nutlets. It takes approximately six months for the almonds to mature and be ready to harvest. Each tree is harvested individually, ensuring quality control. By using highly skilled individuals and state of the art equipment, we’re able to maximize our harvest, reduce the time in the field and keep the trees safe and healthy.


As the future generations take the helm, we will continue to do things differently - ensuring we deliver our customers the highest quality product. The way we do business has changed and will continue to evolve as technology advances. Our mission, however, has not changed. We supply buyers from every part of the globe with high quality almonds they can rely on - each and every time.


Farming has come a long way over the years. Today, we use state of the art equipment including drip irrigation, weather controllers, and soil moisture sensors to maximize our water use efficiency and manage our resources in a resilient and sustainable manner.


Our operations have grown and as a result we have aligned our business with those that share our common core values; integrity, quality, innovation, safety and sustainability. These strategic alliances have been built over decades and, collectively, we have become friends as well as family. These long-standing relationships and our shared commitment to quality, best farming practices and innovation ensure our customers a consistently exemplary product.

More information on becoming an RPAC Grower can be on our Growers Page.


Today’s best agricultural practices include a commitment and understanding of sustainable farming. Our sustainability efforts include water-use efficiency, soil preservation, honey bee protection, recycling, on-site clean energy production and other efforts to be carbon neutral.