Food Safety is not just a certification; it is a culture. At RPAC, we understand that a food safety culture goes beyond what technology alone can deliver. We have developed a culture of quality and safety through comprehensive training programs that include best management practices and on-going industry advancements. We practice a stringent sanitation program, conduct maintenance and repair assessments, and plan for improvement investments well into the future.

Delivering a high-quality, safe product is what our customers expect and deserve. To ensure we meet those expectations, we use a comprehensive tracking system that monitors our product from the field, through processing to delivery. This real-time monitoring helps us identify any issues as well as any inferior product. We inspect each nut at least six times which enables us to identify and resolve quality concerns along the way. From multiple metal detections, optical sortings and visual inspections, each nut is tracked through a rigorous process to meet or exceed global food safety requirements, customer expectations and RPAC standards.