RPAC works with quality-minded growers. Since 1986, RPAC has been known world-wide for high-quality almonds. We have aligned our business with those that share our commitment to quality, best farming practices, water-use efficiency and sustainability, ensuring a consistently exemplary product. We highly value our close grower relationships and treat our growers as our partners. Working together, we provide an exceptional product consistently. As fourth generation family farmers, we understand growers and what they need. Growers choose RPAC because we are:


We have been in business for over 36 years.


We offer call pool/season pool as well as payment plan options.


We have a consistent history of competitive grower returns


We provide:

Monthly Almond Market reports

Farming information - as growers, we are happy to pass on any info that could be of service

Water market advice - we have experience in riparian, state and federal water districts

Grower Testimonials


For more information about RPAC, please call the office 209-826-0272 or Email Us.