Our hulling and shelling operations are conducted by Parreira Almond Processing Company. This part of our operations was established in 1973, making us one of oldest huller/sheller operations in California.

The almonds arrive from the fields to our Los Banos headquarters and begin their processing journey. Once harvested and transported, the almonds are screened, the hulls and shells removed, and then the highest quality almonds are sorted for processing. Our process ensures a high-quality nut with low chip and scratch rates.

The hulls and shells have separate uses from the almond nut including nutritious feed for dairy cattle as well as raw fibrous material for other manufactured goods, biomass, and livestock bedding. Through innovation and technology, new uses are being discovered every day.



We continue to invest in technology and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver the highest quality product. These investments result in less chipping, breaking and foreign material throughout the entire process.


Our operations have grown and as a result we have aligned our business with those that share our common core values; integrity, quality, innovation, safety and sustainability. These strategic alliances have been built over decades and, collectively, we have become friends as well as family. These long-standing relationships and our shared commitment to quality, best practices and innovation ensure our customers a consistently exemplary product. We do not enter long term service provider arrangements easily. Our evaluation includes a thorough review and assessment of operations, corporate values, finance, expertise and management. From field to logistics, our strategic alliances are a critical part of our entire supply chain.